Can You Get Rid Of Freckles?

If you are one of the many thousands of people who have asked themselves this question without having found an answer yet, you should get ready to hear the truth about freckles and its likelihood of making them disappear.

To start with, freckles are a form of sun damage that affects the tone of your skin more visibly than other types of affections. Even when there is a strong genetic and even racial component, why or how freckles are created is still uncertain.

What we do known though, is that no baby is born with freckles. Quite on the contrary, they would seem to develop them as sun exposure increases over the years. This is what makes them particularly difficult to get rid of and this is why, no cream, serum or natural remedy can completely remove them.

Fortunately, those who have been asking: how can you get rid of freckles? are now able to find a more feasible answer in the various technologies that are available these days.

Effective Treatments

Recent research has revealed that the only way to effectively get rid of freckles is by applying certain topical products or treatments that will, in some way, even out your skin tone.

So far, only two possible treatments can do this without damaging the surface, or without generating permanent scarring.

Cosmeceutical Treatment

Certain novel products have appeared on the market, promising to even out the skin tone. The ingredients that seem to lead to success include: vitamin C, licorice, retinoic acid and niacinamide.

Laser Treatment

In recent years, dermatologists have been recommending laser treatments as the only effective way of actually removing freckles. For those who are still asking: can you get rid of freckles with laser? The answer is yes.

Nonetheless, the treatment is neither simple nor short. To begin with, most of the times, only one session will not be enough. Most of the times, patients will have to undergo several sessions in order to efficiently remove all freckles from your complexion.

In addition, subsequent care is essential to making the treatment affect your skin in a permanent way. These precautions may include limiting sun exposure to the minimum. If sunrays are part of the problem, then only by avoiding them will you be able to prevent future freckles from appearing.

How does Laser Treatment Work?

Skeptics may still need more information about how the process is done. Photo facials operate by using a red light that is pulsed to reach underneath the top skin layers, heated in order to stimulate the production of skin collagen and elastin.

Patients feel nothing but a light pinch of warm heat to the skin. However, they will notice that after the treatment, freckles would seem to get darker –they do, but only while they surface. When this happens, another session is important if you are to attack the issue deeply.

Many times, multiple sessions are needed in order to completely get rid of your freckles for good.