Some Ways To Remove Freckles

The American Association of Dermatologists (AAD) states that freckles are a sign of damage to the skin. People with freckles often try to find ways to get rid of them either because they stem from overexposure to the sun, genes, and because of issues with their self-esteem due to the unevenness of skin tone. So what are some ways to remove to freckles?




Using sunscreen can help prevent more freckles from appearing. Those who are genetically predisposed to getting freckles may still benefit from using sunblock every day. Follow the directions in your sunscreen bottle, and reapply several times a day or after getting in a pool or the beach. Wearing hats can also be helpful.


Natural remedies


  • Vitamin E is an essential oil for healthy skin. Before going to sleep, you can apply it to your skin. You can wash it off in the morning.
  • Adding vitamin C to your diet can help reduce the appearance of freckles as well. It can help lighten your skin and eating citrus fruits can help if you are sensitive to making masks out of lemon juice.
  • Castor oil can help darken the skin to even out overall skin tone. You can apply it on to your skin at night and then wash it off when you wake up.
  • Facial peels can be a big help, especially if they’re made of fruit. Kiwi, cucumbers and strawberries can be smashed together so as to create a peel. When you remove it, you will reveal lighter layers of skin.
  • Sake masks can also help because of sake’s properties. Sake is Japanese rice wine and contains kojic acid, which can keep melanin from being produced in the skin. You can also make a paste out of sake by mixing it with oatmeal, honey or yogurt. Leave this paste on your skin for 30 minutes and wash it off so you can get the full benefits.


Medical care


Some people may prefer medical methods to get rid of freckles. One must consult their doctor before trying medical methods to remove freckles and be aware that these methods can come at a higher cost than using natural ingredients.


  • Chemical peels help reduce the appearance of freckles and help even skin tone. A physician can let you know about possible side effects.
  • Laser treatment can help reduce the appearance of freckles and is safe and relatively painless when performed by a qualified specialist.
  • Photofacial (ILP) involves using a broadband light to remove pigmentations that could increase the appearance of more freckles. This is a relatively new but safe procedure.
  • Skin lightening cream can help lighten skin and reduce freckles, but one should read labels before using such creams and be aware of any side effects. If using this method, you should reduce your exposure to the sun. This course of treatment requires a few months in order to see positive results.